Life’s hard …

I read a quote last year that said “Accept that life is hard …and it get’s easier”

Hard work and progress

I have held on to this as it probably came to me at just the right time.   And it helps.  When things go wrong (as they often do …yet another rhyme about life) it helps to know that nothing runs smoothly, for me or others, now or in the past not the future.

But things do happen that are good, helpful, and we should appreciate them.  I should appreciate them.  And I do.  I have tried to do more, especially when life gets  a litter harder.

This is not a negative perspective – more, a realistic one I think!

As children we expect things to go our way, and as teenagers, we begin to learn that maybe it doesn’t all the time.  As adults we keep striving for this, expecting it and hoping for it.  That we deserve it.  But we forget that we have to work at it, never get things right at least first time (if ever!) and we keep on learning, trying, striving and working towards it.
Or life would be boring.  Right?!

I would like to here put a picture but some pictures here, to visually support my words, but a ‘science’ site has stopped me in my tracks! Another hardship to overcome or master, certainly learn from, and avoid in future!  But then, they lose out too because I would never promote their pictures, never give that link back to them for more business, never do anything but avoid them like the plague!   Sadly, using a bullying picture to promote anti-bullying.  Ironic perhaps.

anti bullying

Still, the big fish eat little fish scenario has also come up for me because of these instances where people have bullied, abused, used and disrespect me.   All I want is to earn a fair and honest living alongside my human companions in life, and where I can make a positive difference in the world.    I accept others don’t want the same but I choose not to be abused even when I mistakenly abuse others rights – but all they need do is point it out, let me learn my lesson and move on.   Be happy.  Be good.   And I wish you everything that you wish me ….

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