Hostel Life

Woken by heavy rain on the outside on tin rooves, I sat up, checked may watch and lay down to decide when to get up.  It was 7ish so I got up, showered in cold water again, packed and dressed.  Deciding to leave on the local 10.30 bus without air con but no doubt more chickens and more, for Pakse or Paxse in southern Laos.  All ready, I lay on the bed to see if I had internet to check hostels after wandering last night to find this one, I saw the time – it was actually 2.35!!!!   I must have seen the time upside down!!!

So I undressed and lay back down, drifting into a deep cosy sleep considering I could feel every spring in the double bed, and had moved ends to avoid cold air above me with the air con.  (Why do they think you want cold air blowing on you all night???  Its fine to have a cool, room outside the sheet and light blanket, but not on your face and head, of even directly on to me.)

I awoke at 6.35, time with a quick prep to get the 7.30 air con bus out of this one horse town??? No, I’d hold out for more bed time and an experience…

I was ready by 7.30 and after a quick chat with the hotelier about tuk tuk for the bus and breakfast, I ventured out with my own brolly to see the shoreline in daylight, maybe find a shop for breakfast and lunch food but so early.

I can see the two wats across the Mekong that I saw lit up last night; The rainy morning warm and ‘soft’; I found a shop for water and orange, walked to the small square which last night was lit up and taking eaters, today the bistro was open for an American breakfast of two hot dogs, two fried eggs, two slices of their bacon and half a warm French roll a young girl had to go out for (hence my one cold egg?).

Sitting there, I watched a couple of young novice monks walk by toward the temple I saw last night, under their brollies, then another five or six followed – as I watched them, they too looked in and watched me, so I smiled at them as we experienced the shared moment in time…

So I bought a nice red apple and full size banana off the counter as I paid, and with the leftover roll and drinks I have lunch too!   I went back, asked to delay the tuk tuk til 9.30 and went to my room to finish off preps and chill with Imply Red and Sam Smith I’ve recently learned to download and playlist on my iPad (albeit not quite flowing or in order etc but music I love).

Ready and raring to go on my next adventure, seeing what this stage brings…

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