Thakheke & Pakxe bus

I was dropped in Thakheke – as planned – and it was quite late, and I was very hungry so before going to hunt down a hostel to spend the night or two at, I was across the road from a restaurant with tables on the street, so sat down there.  I got the menu and eventually my food as the staff were young and not very attentive!   I enjoyed just sitting in the dark, watching life go by in yet another new place, and wondered how hard it might be to find somewhere to stay as there were not the promised or expected streets lined with obvious hostels!

I did find somewhere, down a side street and very nice when I got in there – above a garage where reception, the stairs to rooms and cars being fixed or parked were in the building!  It was marble floored, clean, wardrobe (luxury!), nice bed and fittings and en suite bathroom.   Perfect.

I had tried another one set back from the road, but it was odd and not really nice – being taken from the courtyard at the front, finding someone eventually to ask about a room, then winding down between building to a door with a rubbish dump at the side!   I chose not to stay …

On the way out, a couple were coming in and I mentioned the state to them but they ignored me and went in, not even really acknowledging me speaking to them but looking at me!   Odd.

I had café restaurants to eat and drink at in the evenings, a short walk down the road, one of which also did transport on from there and trips which I was going to book but not enough on it.  There was also an ice cream parlour where, one late afternoon, I treated myself to a banana split in a pink 50s style shop!  Weird in the middle of this small town in Laos, very unexpected!

My travel on from there was delayed, hot and dusty, in a small mini van that would be hot and not all that comfortable I was guessing, but it was alright in the end, over to Champasak province.

A town in Champasak province, in the south of Laos, on the way to Don Det, it was pretty really but basic.  Nice rather than pretty I think!

I arrived fairly late in the day, no hostel booked and so had to wander with my backpack up and down the road to see if there were any and what they were like.  I actually ate on the street outside a restaurant as soon as I got off the bus as I was hungry, and it was late.  It was a lovely evening, a nice place and nice food, watching the town people wander by, a glass of wine and food!

I eventually found an OK place in a weird hostel, after one I tried that was not pleasant (and I did try to warn a couple coming in too but they didn’t seem keen to listen so left them to it).   It was back of the house, down corridors, past strewn pots and cats etc.  in a back courtyard down an alley.  Not for me, and the people didn’t seem nice.

The one I got was up a street from the main road, and a lovely place above a garage (at least a large open space where cars came in and our) and young men on reception etc.  It seemed empty though or only me and a couple of others that I never saw!   The room was lovely, the stairway and floors tiled and wooden doors.  Not the cheapest but nice and hanging room for clothes.  I was only there a couple of nights but it was a nice stay.

I found an ice cream parlour all pink and stylish, and ate a yummy banana split there one evening!  I ate at a corner café mostly after the expensive restaurant that was quite upmarket and unexpected for there!   The café people were nice, relaxed and friendly as they got to know me and it was from there I was to catch the bus eventually on my next leg to Don Det.

On the way here we had dropped people off in Champasak province and a small village area, middle of nowhere, but it looked quaint and local from the bus!  Maybe next time …

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