Same Same but Different

Who Would think I would be bored travelling?? But I am.  Since arriving in Laos, I have travelled a lot, but things are same same but different is a common saying because in markets the same things on sale, stall after stall; but also now it seems the same villagers and towns; the same wats; same foods and restaurant.

Also ‘same same but different’ applies to lifestyle here and home or the UK and no doubt other countries too.  People work at similar jobs but maybe fewer offices even in cities?  Teachers and students in uniforms, just Thai skirts not pleated skirts; officials and security, or border and VAT too.

It has been building, but now it’s almost boredom – or lack of purpose, direction and structure as there has been little for me to see and do since Vang Vieng.  

As I am alone, its low season now and I’m on my own, I don’t feel confident with bikes or scooters on the roads, nor feel able to try kayaking or trekking in the heat.  The cost of trips here ate for sole tourists but expensive comparatively, and not got bus loads.  

Can we have too much relaxation?  Yes.  I need to move now so going to Don Det, at 4000 Islands, tomorrow, hopefully with my laundry ready or not, and see waterfalls, other islands, bridges and walks and a try in a hammock by the water if I must!!

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