Vang Vieng

I later found this was home to Somsay, the main monk I met at Vientienne…

A nice day after all. Not much to if not young and/or active like me, but explored, found a bridge, two places by the river, a glimpse of kayakers and two tubers coming back.  a sad girl by the river…bumped into Jeffrey and Ellen getting a bike for the pools, and found the message she sent me apparently.  Nice they stuck together and found more friends. p

So hot, eventually found my way back again about 2pm, sat in sun on iPad, then room on pad and dozed, then got up and wandered up to eat.  Chose Bamboo House again, where I ate as I arrived last night eating satay, and had beef in pepper sauce – delicious beef and rice, veg but watery gravy ok. 

I stayed for 3 hours and another beer, on the wi fi, solitaire and read with music on and people around, and enjoyed it!  Relaxing and easy going…  walking back to room, got to witness monks and nuns chanting evening prayers at the wat nearby!!! unexpected and lovely melodic voices, and see them facing the front of the stupa.  felt intrusive to photo or video but moved close to watch and listen.  How lovely, after just reading it as an option for Vientiane. 

Also another lovely red sunset behind the mountain tops!  amazing to be able to witness things like these…

Vang Vieng relates to wine growing area (wine visit according to Facebook translate!) although I didn’t see evidence or signs for any wine growing.  One of the monks I met came from here and obviously missed his home, and now, on my return, see photos of he and his friends (monks) wandering the area and recognise sights like the very bouncy bridge over the shallow river.  I didn’t make it across as it didn’t feel safe and was quite high up!  I had to turn back!

Other memories of this visit are the restaurant with a mountain view for coffee, back street shops in a normal town, wandering empty dusty roads ending in a beautiful mountain as I stood by a gaudily painted temple, where, on my last day, wandering back to my (hot, humid) room in the gardens of the hostel I heard music and singing and stood nearby to listen without disturbing them or being seen!  It was lovely!

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