The Tour Down Under

I have never seen or even really wanted to see the Tour de France, even when it came to the UK in 2014.  But here, so close, Sue and I went into the city to see it and I loved it!  I made her walk around, different views from a corner, a square and the end too, it was exciting watching them speed around the corner in front of us, lots of them, coloured jerseys, helmets, race bikes and more.

I actually enjoyed it although my sister, older and maybe wiser, was fed up trailing around the route to catch them again in the heat and sunshine.

We stood on street corners and then I wanted to do the whole route and get more pictures – of bikes! I even got quite into who was leading and tried to spot them each stop!

Who knew as I ‘ve never followed it here even when it came nearby my home.. then when I got back to the UK and stayed in the same airbnb I had before I left, with people who I had a local connection to through my daughter believe it or not, the owner loved cycling so we watched the Tour de France!

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