Fleurieu Peninsula with the boys!

Riding toward and through Yankallilla, a small country township with a few shops and houses, not much beyond the main road through, we stopped at the bakery where I had an Aussie special, the pepper steak pie!! Quite hit and spicy, newly made each batch, there are lots of pie types available – the Aussie pie is a staple here.  John knows it from calling after diving trips when divers are peckish after their underwater adventures. 

As we drove down towards Jervis Bay, where the Sealink ferry leaves and arrives for Kangaroo Island visitors.   I called in to check costs and schedules for my planned trip to stay with Paul, John’s ex dive shop partner where I worked for 30+ years ago.  He now has a b & b over there, so he invited me over.

Driving down and arriving at the beautiful beach at the end we saw a few Kangaroos, and sheep – the first i have seen in Aus!!

We saw the alpacca farm and the deer farm, and I caught sight f a couple of each as we drove past.  Along with many billbongs, or dammed water holes, we saw yellow grassed rolling hlls, acres of farmland and trees dried through lack of rain or water; the dry hills made spectacular scenery though, with dark green trees set against it and the sandstone faces showing through in parts, including at the beach.  We approached the beach from above, walking by several resting roos including a huge male who watched but didn’t move – he was about 6 ft if he stood and very poetful, hence didn’t feel threatened by us 

I am always fascinated by the wild and sturdy landscapes of Australia – summer droughts, apparently winter rains that flood the dry, dusty creek beds and flat bitumen roads that cross this tundra-like landscape!! The people of Aus are like their land and the indigenous animals – hardy, straightforward and tough and ready (at times rough and ready!)

Friendly in the main, direct and flexible, usually chilled and laid back although hard-working, the Aussie men and women are daunted by little!!  They have hard lives in the country or bush, drive for miles to get to see someone or to work, and neighbours are next door n the street or 10,000 acres away in bushland farms!  I can see why these people at least need 4 wheel drives or Holden utes!! And the rough, tpugh Aussie trucks pulling at times 3-4 trailers behind them, over mountain ranges and through water fords or long, empty roads that are bitumen, or dry red dust maybe, depending on the destinations…

We had pepper pie on the way back and cakes, which again I fell in love with these Aussie regulars!

My nephew counted sheep when I said I hadn’t seen as many as people expect in Aus as we drove through.

And I love this country again…

Mostly. My nephew of 10 years also caught flies in his hand and put them out the window when we were deluged with them at one point too! Urgh, they crawl all over your face!

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