Cristo Redentor

6th May 2016

Just sitting at the cafe below Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, thinking “who would have thought I’d be here in Rio, relaxing overlooking Copacabana beach?”. Not me for sure!  Yet here I am, living my dream of travelling.  This is my last stop before heading home – wherever that is to be – in the UK.

It is quite impressive when you get there, up on the train, then the steps up past small shops selling statues, food and beads.  When I arrive it is packed with people!  So many people vying for a place to pose for a photo, a selfie, a view over the city…

I chatted to people I stood near and some were English, also visiting, picking up a tip of how to get to the beaches and which are best, and Sugarloaf Mountain too with two young guys who stayed over at Copacabana and loved it.   They took photos for me, and another group of English guys helped when one lying on his stomach for an upward photo of his friends, I asked him to take me too whilst down there!  He obliged if a little less then keen!   Take opportunities when they arise!

The statue – famous all over the world – is not as big as it is marketed to be – high, yes, at the top of a mountain but in itself not as huge as portrayed.  It’s quite disappointing in the size but beautifully carved and still the icon it is, and it can be seen from all parts of the city … I noticed at the bus station, one day, and from a beach!

I took lots of pictures from all angles, in particular for my sister who is Catholic and would love to visit there herself but never will.  I also managed to buy her a Cristo Redentor sarong on Copacabana beach before the rain came down – and thought I’d lost it travelling back, and even when I got back but eventually found it somewhere or other amongst my rucksack packing.

I bought a small statue for her which was easy to carry, for my sister who is quite religious and I knew would love it.   I also got her, on the famous beach, a sarong decorated with images as she lives in them in summer!

The view from the bus station I ‘noticed’ one day!  You can see Sugar Loaf Mountain from there and Christ the Redeemer from there.  It is apparently much closer to Santa Teresa village, where I was staying, than I realised – just down the other side of the mountain it sits on!  Who knew?

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