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Article Request from

How exciting – I’ve been asked to feature on travel site for an article re travellers over 40! So I’ve sent my write up and photos and await the publicised piece!

This site was my guide, help and inspiration at times, especially prepping for travelling, so this very exciting for me to be included! And I do still follow him now!

nomadic matt siteI still revere this site/writer and follow the blog even now I’m back.  It brings back memories, offers insights and future note-taking, and the option to share with others when I think they will benefit as I did!

His advice particularly on how to tell people you are going was invaluable to me as I made my plans!  Knowing people would try to talk me out of it – as he said, because they worry and care – he gave practical tips, ideas on what might happen and so prepared me to have it all clear in my head and secure plans and back up prep to put their minds at ease …and spur me on to go for it should I find their doubts creeping in!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be included, having completed a questionnaire in December 2016 by one of his contributors, and now it’s come back to this request!

I sent a few pictures too so they can choose from and I look forward to finding out about other 40+ travellers that I always read, to find out about their experiences too.

Why not have a look and see how the advice, tips and insights can help you enjoy your travel experience, or even inspire you to have a go if you are wondering about it!

Inspirational Talks too

I am also this week going to be sharing my experiences as part of a motivational coaching talk I have the opportunity to do with Potentialisation meet up group in Manchester, run my a friend/colleague I met through an NLP group several years ago, and his peers.

So again, a chance to relive my experiences, my very fond memories …especially now it is more than a year ago!   I have been back in the UK a year in June and can sadly no longer reflect that ‘a year ago today I was …’ which I have loved doing and loved sharing with interested people!

Dukinfield talk on travel dream


I also shared my experiences with an over 55 group in Tameside last month, which I loved and they did too!  Several people shook my hand, thanked me and said they were impressed by the presentation as I thanked them for listening and allowing me to share my memories, and hopefully inspiration too!


The future plans …

Well, now, on to planning the next experience later this year, maybe next!  I still like being in one place for now, my new flat albeit in the same place I called home before.

Still, plans or dreams ahead for changes in the future, and learning my Spanish – with new friends too – in preparation!   Having been given the benefit of people speaking my language whilst away which was so helpful and endearing, I want to be able to share at least some speech with others in their language too and make that effort!

Besides which I share discussions in my Spanish class group with other interested parties and also learn about the culture and insights from my Spanish Teacher Ana!



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