Ibiza at last!

My first and maybe only Ibiza adventure!

Ibiza, I found, is not just a party island either as its reputation suggests but the many holiday-makers there show another side to it – and again, a stunning place, arid and dry, a little wild (not just at the party towns either!) but the seas and beaches, the houses and villages, are just ornate and interesting – picturesque and pretty, quiet and lived in but unquestionably beautifully built too!

We managed, last minute, to find an hotel in the far north-east of the island but it was very ‘English’ when I arrived a day before the girls got there.  I was worried they wouldn’t like that, and I would have preferred less English food, pubs and speech than I found but in the end it was a lovely resort.

Again, the resort was new for me after living as a traveller for so long!   The food was English but a change at least, and the girls enjoyed the holiday with the beautiful private pool we paid extra for by the beach, the beach sunbathing after a discussion or two, and the various restaurants we found in the town too.

We all had different wishes for this break together, and my first with them as adults I guess so we had to wrestle with options, co-operate with choices and at times, find space to do our own thing in our own ways!

Interesting at least!   We enjoyed time together, chats and memories, sharing and information we hadn’t had for a year.

We did go clubbing at DC10 as the other bigger venues were only just opening as we were leaving, and a boat party that was new for me with a DJ we knew and one I knew of from the past!   I loved it.  I love to dance, I love the atmosphere and music, and I just get lost in dancing!   I did argue to stay longer but didn’t win, and we went home ‘early’ at 3 am (I wanted to stay until 6 am when it closed as my potential only chance to do this!)

We met some lovely restauranteurs and went by local bus to Ibiza Town and to San Antonio for the boat party, which just wasn’t how I expected it to be, nor the venues outside the towns in the middle of nowhere almost!

Expensive (and these were early days of the clubbing season) and not easy to get to or home other than taxis (and one lost phone …).   So it was a new experience for me really and I will go again!!

The music boat in the middle of ocean, beautiful blue skies leading into red and pink sunsets from the back of the boat as we returned to land, I loved it!  Outdoors dancing to great DJs on board, fun people who just wanted to enjoy the music.   I didn’t feel out of place at my age with the other people, who ranged from 20s to 50s like me and everyone just got on with the business of dancing.   No drinks allowed except those bought on board, and perhaps checks for drugs as well which no doubt would affect licences.

We did have a drink – some tiny bottles I had in my bag that were missed and I found, so that’s what we had plus the ones over a difficult lunch where we argued about not having information, uncertain where the boat was and how it all worked but we got over it and enjoyed the day!  ON my way off a guy we had met asked if I was coming again next year – and I said yes, I’d loved it!

DC10 club on the island was great and apparently really popular – three rooms, one outdoor courtyard area, each with different music/DJs playing and the main one had no air con!  Phew!   But I just loved my first ever Ibiza club night and again, just danced and danced!   If the beat is right, I don’t need to know the music or DJ, and I will chat with anyone and everyone or no-one at all.

I arranged to meet the girls under a large tree by the bar in the outdoor area if we lost each other – then didn’t go when I lost sight of them, whilst apparently they were hanging round for me!   Oooops!  But I was loving my time there, didn’t want to wait around and realised we couldn’t really get lost in there and knew they would survive and get on eventually!  Then I found them again, and sort of apologised!  The girls were chatting to people and at one point I was supposed to say where I had come from when introduced to a group and didn’t, and instead just said I hadn’t been ‘brought’ there by my daughters – which the guys thought was weird and obviously seemed so – but I brought them!  Again, ooops!  Wrong image to portray.

We had arrived the week before the opening season so missed the major club openings – as the girls arrived the morning of the opening nights for Space and Cream so I was disappointed to miss those!   However, expensive to get there when we knew we were in the north of the island.

Still, it was all an experience.  A beautiful island, stunning views, gorgeous old town Ibiza and a mix of relaxation and partying, expensive but a great time when you’re there!

Es Canar was very English, unexpectedly and unplanned, but a lovely bar-pool down the road from our hotel where we relaxed, drank cocktails, sunbathed and swam right next to the sea.   Ate lunch there, on paying a price for the day – the beds, the pool and the great music that I just wanted to dance to again!

There was a ferry around the island, and we used the public bus once over too, I wandered the beach and went alone when the girls stayed in bed or weren’t quite ready, ate lunch (tapas of course!) on the beachside cafes.


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