Curitiba Culture

The cultural centre of Brasil, capital or Paranay, this is after all an interesting and pleasant city in South America. 

Exploring on the first day I found numerous small placas or park areas to sit, reflect a d watch the Brasilians go a out their daily life.  Apparently, a well planned city thanks to a three term mayor Faria, and the envy the world over, the residents have a better than average standard of living here, with cobbled pedestrian zones like Largo de Ordem for the Sunday craft market – the best Ive ever seen, with 1000 stalls, most unique with god quality crafted items I would love to have bought!  Live music on all corners, people sitting and listening, eating the wares of many sellers or sitting in the warm sunshine (at last!) with a berr outside the bars.  


There is also the lively and bustling Saturday shopping on Rua XV Novembro, another cobbled pedestrian zone of shops, bars and cafes, street entertainers and street vendors.   Again, a few nice sunny or shady park areas to sit and rest, watch the world go by and still feel involved even on my own! 

I really enjoyed my stay in this city, even being unable to speak more than the odd word of either Spanish or Portugese, and even if I can ask I don’t understand the response!   The city tour too was good, 40 real for 2.5 hours  on a 46km tour of the centre and cultural spots.  You can get off and on four times for this but I chose to stay on and just look from the windy open top bus. Choose the sunny side for warmth!

My hotel, with deluxe en-suite double room that I didn’t query further in, was great!  A bit of luxury in a bed so comfortable it was like a cocoon once I doubled the furry bedcover over the single sheet, it was cosy too!


Dead centre of the Historico Sector, on Largo de Ordem, my back room offered quiet to sleep, but looking from the dining room/lounge balcony, seeing the cobbled street, people walking or drinking, the busy stalls lining the street in Sunday, and food on my doorstep it was perfect! Such a lovely little city this is and one where the mayor really made things happen, and changed the culture and outlook as well as the economy for this city.  Or is that Sao Paulo?!

As I arrived later at night, I was left at the square by the taxi who sort of pointed the hostel out to me, but with tables and people sat around drinking in front of the door, at the bar below, I was confused!   I wandered up and down a couple of times, then a young man offered to help me and asked around in Spanish, then a guy sat at one of the tables noticed me and pointed to the door!  So helpful as ever.



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