Monkey business!

Amazing day in the Amazon!!!! After lunch at the lodge, we went out 3-6pm to the rescue site Monkey Island, where monkeys and other animals are set free after black market trades. There were woolly monkeys, squirrel monkey, capuchi monkeys too.

We saw a 6ft Anaconda slithering to freedom after just arriving, whilst the other was in a pond with only his face out!! There were several species of monkey including the large, lanky spider monkey and tiny cream one. There was an Amazonian racoon that tried to climb up my leg at one point, and he was cute! Cuter though was the baby sloth we all got to hold – he was like a baby, arms round my neck and shoulders, legs hooked round my waist and apparently sleepy eyes whilst on me!!! So cute and cuddly, like a baby with sharp claws that didn’t want to let go!!!!

One wooly monkey found a plastic bottle, unscrewed the lid, lent down from the boats moored to put water in it, then reseal the bottle!!! Very clever

There were green red, blue and turquoise mackaws and a toucan under the hut!!!

It was so cool to see all these animals!!!! Then we sailed off to look for the pink dolphins and saw several; they are quite big and really pink!!! We sat in the boat watching the sun set and the birds – white herons settling on the edge of the lagoon for the nights, lots of white terms in the trees opposite, and smaller birds including the brown kingfisher.

Watching dusk descend and then sunset was just superb!!! Quite moving and stunning colours from red, yellow, blue and purple.

After dinner of catfish and salad, sweet banana, people chatted, Ashuco came to sit with me, to chat, impressed at my passion for the Amazon sunset perhaps! 😄


He said to go see the stars too, and down by the boats it was So peaceful,and relaxing here on the Amazon and so beautiful, under the sunset or the stars, on the water, amongst the jungle…

Came back to hut, under mosquito net which was a tight squeeze! ooops need to get my torch for the toilet in the night!! And water, and spray just in case, and my towel as an extra cover when my arms get cold…

Due to be Up at 5.30 am for bird watching outing at 6am it seems, then breakfast at 8 am for next trip!!

We didnt actually make this early morning though as it poured down all night and most of the morning so no birds out to see!


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