Moments come infrequently – even when travelling.
This evening  was a moment, frozen in time for me!


Arriving in Te Anau at th e lake about 1.20 pm today, from the lovely alpine town of lively Queenstown, the beautiful glacial lake – 342 m around, 400 m deep and sitting 300 m above sea level – is just, well… stunning! The mountain views as we drove through, the cloud shrouded mountains or sun-reflections of 1500 metre mountain peaks – again, just wow!!!

But tonight, deciding to eat Italian in ‘the only real Italian run restaurant in Te Anau’ it really was a treat!! My table for one I chose to be outside, in a glass sheltered corner and facing the still very warm evening sun at 5.30 pm!

The moment was there … a glass of red wine, Merlot, my favourite, sitting in the warm sunshine, reflecting on the views, just able to peak a mountain peak over the Chinese restaurant across the road, and my wine glistening in the bright, bright sun. My soft, tasteful and light lasagne with garlic bread came, and I sat, savouring each mouthful, each sip of red wine, directly facing east as the evening sun sets slowly over the village.


After my leisurely. very relaxed and enjoyable early dinner (with 25% early bird discount too!), I wandered back to the lake shore, where I spent most of the day, sitting, strolling, exploring and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery – found a spot on the grassy bank, sun shimmering on the water and lay down awhile, warming my face to the evening sun, listening to the lapping water, seagull calls and ducks flying low over the water.

People passed by above me, stood quietly below me on the pebble ‘beach’, silhouetted against the shimmering sun-clad water. Clear. blue skies above deep blue lake, beneath derp green bush-clad mountainsides, ranging back to distant high peaks to both left and right of me view over the gentle lake!!


Perfect bliss … if only for a moment in time…


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