Journeys end…or a beginning

“Its the journey that’s important, not the destination”

So true. Some of the best experiences have been the journeys between places I’ve stopped at. Over the mountains in Vang Vien in Loas, the train up to Chaing Mai, or the dusty roads of Kangaroo Island Australia, and the west coast trip to Greymouth here in NZ are just examples of this. Beautiful scenery, unexpected cultural surprises of towns and people, lifestyles I only saw on movies before or in stories.


The personal growth during the travels is greater than we realise because if this, too. As John and I agreed from our experiences, it changes you; when you meet people on your wavelength you appreciate it and off your wavelength you learn to accept, and adapt! The experiences of other nations too imparts its own wisdom, its own teaching and an awareness that creates humility that I, at least, have never had the chance to realise before!

We become more aware, understanding and tolerant of others as we move around which can only be good when we get back ‘home’, because we expect less and open up more to those we meet, to new situations and more flexible when the unexpected happens (good or bad). We grow from the people we meet who,teach us about their culture by just being them, and about living in other ways than are familiar to us.

Arthurs Pass rail station in the mountains on the Trans Alpine route over – and under! – the souhern Apls if New Zealand


How you travel, too, makes an impression.  Enhancing your journey with unusual modes of transport, a little luxury or all out scenic trips are often well worth the extra money, or time, or both!

The Kiwi scenic rail link Trans Alpine Greymouth to Christchurch or reverse; a recondioned original Christchurch tram to do the city tour, limited en route with earthquake-damaged shops codoned off across the track since the 2010-11 quakes and more recent after shocks!

I find this stimulating and interesting, a chance to keep learning and a chance to live my life more meaningfully than before.

When I walk I see more.  Taking the bus gives me viewscand stops for photos, a chance to chat maybe and a good deal in my case for two months travel round both islands for just $8 a trip!  Or trams rather than the usual open top bus, a little heritage thrown in, and fun too.

Yrains are always my favourite though, round Asia, Europe, the UK and now New Zealand; I didnt do the Ghan in Australia but I enjoyed the train from Sydney to Melboure and the bus tour to the penguins, the ferry rides to Kangaroo Island and Wellington-Picton, and oh so many other options!!!

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