Time out from tavelling

I found, in the Blue Light Hostel in Wairaki, a respite from the sometimes weary world of travelling over a long period. Now in my seventh month, I can feel it taking its toll. Whether that relates to the weeks of ‘normal’ life in Australia with sisters, perhaps too.


Glass lily pads in a Taupo local glass factory garden that I visited just down the road to break up my day of rest…

But on the road there ate things that need doing, clothes repairs or alterations ( my favourite sarong somehow got torn but not ready to give it up Ive sewn it up, and long shorts I got in Aus just tightened the wide legs that dont look ‘good’ enough, especially with my canvas Converse lace ups which I wear for walking or climbing rough areas.

Yesterday, too, took its toll after a 7 hour, long and hot walk in soft pumps; today although no aches or pains, I am tired physically. I want to write and post blogs, plan ahead and bok rooms, sort out my extension for S America maybe, and book the Amazon and MP trips I want to do in Peru. Research takes time, finding the right place to stay and trips/activities to do as well.

Here the relaxing dip in 42degree waters where natural boiling thermal springs mix with cool,Waitako River waters…


So today, with a comfortable bed, large spacy room for clothes and luggage, washing line and TV lounge (film and chat last night with a fellow Belgian guest, when Chris got it working for me!) and breakfast bits from the local shop – and cooked meals at the local bar – it has everything. Wifi too by the office so I have it all at the moment and should take advantage of that, and gardens too. No one to disturb with my ipad music, and short visits to activities if I want to later, like the glass factory and garden.

Its nice to stop a while, and just ‘be’ …

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