KI Capers (Pt 1)

So what have I been doing on Kangaroo Island, just off Adelaide via Cape Jervis?


Staying with an old friend/employer from my 23 year spent in Adelaide, Paul and his partner Charmaine, at a beautiful setting Molly’s Run up near Smith Bay on the north coast. About half hour out of Kingscote, a small seaside town that caters for much of the west island, my view was of rolls of hay on the yellow grassed farmland edging the blue (or grey, depending on the time) ocean to the front, to the left (west) bushland trees including native gums, and more fenced farmland whilst to the east the North Coast Road to Kingscote and sheep grazing the farm edged by large paperbark gum trees (not the koala favourite).

On day one, 12th Jan, I arrived via Sealink bus and ferry from Adelaide and explored the lovely b & b they own and run. French or Spanish style villa and farmhouse inner, shady seating and dining areas inside and out, gardens surrounding and two eventually friendly boxers who became my friends for walks and strokes.


How the old town looked

Paul took me down to the small enclosed rock edged beach for a dip where we encouraged Taj in to swim, although cautiously and briefly, with Tikka staying out until the end when she paddled with me. It was clear green water once past the seaweed gathering in the gentle tide. Much needed after my walk in the field at the back where I found fead trees, green bush and bits of yellow grass and three hand made dams to hold the winter rainfall to carry them through the dry, hot summers as far as possible. However, evaporation means a lot is lost, even since I arrived one is emptier today as I leave six days later!


….and today, this was the old shop

Kingscote is small as a town, easily walked in the centre or outer homes based there. Building shops, a supermarket, a few coffee places and one pizza/ bistro! A pier off the corner alongside a small beach, and a single main road in and out.

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