The inevitable bug!

…arrived on my way to Malaysia, so presumably caught in Thailand en route. But where, and when?!


I racked my brains but there is no definitive answer is there? It could ne food go e off – I had tum yam prawns at my stay over hotel at Sunarnaphumi airport Bangkok, but it was starting even as I travelled, so no.


Was it the chicken fried rice at the supermarket the Herman girl took us to for my pre travel lunch, when I saw mum bring a nappy less child to the counter,irritated and striding back leaving him behind hoping she washed her hands – but our food came from outside, so maybe then or food lying around there! Who knows?

But it hit hard, over two days and nights, but lingering for three more with pain, lost appetite, fear of eating anything then unfamiliar foods, and the initial loss of energy too.

imageI still managed sights in KL, with an afternoon trip to the Petronas Towers on day one, an affordable hop on/off bus the next two days 2.30 to 2.30 plus a bit more on the final bus ride covering bird park, shopping road, palace, park if you wanted, city centre and markets, accessing temple visits nearby too if required (but I did mine before, separately, walking to three nearby).

Feeling more like my old self, smiling not frowning, walking not slouching, curious instead of distracted, I am enjoying my seven hour train ride without pain, having tried local food even if I couldn’t finish it, sandwiches to keep me going and water of course, plus a Fanta for sugar!

imageApparently the need to replenish lost salt is help by crisps – Unbelievably, I could only manage a few over the several days – and soup so found some watery but tasty noodle soup with chicken and ate a little of that, salted peanuts that were nice and filling, then rice today. Also familiar chicken like KFC and Nandos the last cpuple of days as white chicken was all I could face until trying the lamb today. Familiar helps but local differences proved OK for my tummy!

Almost there now and happy its over with, and at least I got chance to read my good book downloaded to Kindle and my iPad, Abducted, as Inspent long hours in my windowless, if noisy, room….

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