Hanoi here I come!

Off again today, from Koh Pha-Ngan Thailand to Bangkok by ferry, bus and train overnight, then fly to Hanoi afternoon tomorrow (1 Oct). Taxi to ferry at 11.30 so still time to sit in the sun, breakfast and watch the sea.


Then ferry over to mainland, Surathani station, for 4 then overnight train about 6.30 pm. I get in to BKK. at 6 am, nice eh?! I will underground (new for me!) over to Phaya phrae skytrain to the airport, sort out some ticket changes and eat, relax and book in – not necessarily in that order! All this will cost me just £22 approx, 1050 bhat for taxi, ferry, bus and train and coppers for train to airport! Cheap, cheap if you’re not in a hurry. Interesting as I will meet people, se things and save on accommodation for tonight too!!! And the last overnighter was comfortable as well as fun, having had a bed and pillows as hard as rock these last four nights!!! Really, I wondered about sleeping in the hammock on the patio of the beach hut!!!


Looking forward to seeing whats next! After I try to contact PAC Thailand who care for stray dogs, as one yesterday was so sad to see – mange covered, scratching, open sores on its head and blood on its neck and a bad left eye!! I was crying as he walked along the beach with me, they seem to yearn for peoples company here, as many just latch on for a while as did one in Samui too. Ive donated and advised on line but will ring and pay more if they can help this one!!! so sad.

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