Just Another Paradise…

Ah here on koh Pha-ngan (pronounced Panyan) from Samui, its just beautiful too in a different way!!! The ferry trip across clear geen sea took half an hour, and met an English teacher who lives on Samui!! How lucky.  She was off to Koh Tao, yet another linked island paradise I believe, to see her boyfriend.


We got chatting when I gave her a plastic nag (you can’t have too many lol!) to cover a scraped arm from rain induced skid last night at Chewang, whilst windy at Lamai and I could see the rain on the other islands, it didnt reach me!!!

Amazing places to live…

When I arrived, messing about with finding my bag I was last off, but a bike taxi found me and drove me to Green Peace bungalows, again on the beach.  The owner was shocked to hear I was going to the Full Moon Party – “my moyher (points over), she no party!”  then in surprised tones I could hear, tells all the other staff Im going!! ☺️


But a shortbtime later, after lunch and a dip in the shallow sandbank waters, under the brollies in the sea….came a very dark, threatening cloud and downpour in the distance….then a wind that got so strong it blew the brolly down next to mecand Imup and left, passing two English guys who stayed.  Hmmm, I cant see if they are still out there but hope not, and doubt it!!!!  😯


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