Koh Samui

On the 23rd Sept I took a trip round the island, at least the bottom half, to see Big Bhudda, lady Bhudda with many arms and the temples, the sea viewpoint at Lamai and a basic cliff waterfall where some rode on elephants. We saw the famous grandmother and grandfather rocks, naturally created that look like genitalia, and a ‘monkey show’ where trained monkeys climb trees and break off coconuts for farmers but this was just for show sadly. We got to shop or lunch, but so e of us did both, and drove through Chewang, La,ai, Nathonand Bo Phut, too.


We were held up in traffic and realised it was a fatal accident, on the way back, and looked to be a child or young person on a bike, as many youngsters have bikes even at school. Very sad to se but for the lack of road rules, there are. it as many as you would expect but a child especially is so sad.  Then a,umified monk!!

image       image.

Next, I’m off to Koh Pha-ngan (koh is island, pronounced pan-yan) for the famous Sunday 27th Sept full moon party!!! I like to dance, have never danced on the beach or attended enough festivals, so have to visit this one!! Its also a blue moon, two full moons in one month, and a blood moon with a lunar eclipse!!! Should be interesting, and apparently a great view of the full moons from Had Rin ( Rin beach). Outfit bought a d prepped!!!! 😉

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