Beliefs and Bhuddism Philosophy v Religion

As I am currently travelling in SEAsia, namely Thailand and this week Loas, I am exposed to Bhuddist temples everywher- lierrally, everywhere. The recent shrine bombed in Bangkok, shrines to offer prayer to on roads, temples and monks along the streets I walk and today, on top of a hill, others on mountain tops and even a couple I saw along the Mekong River on the slow bat, in the middle of dense jungle forests on the bankside basic villages of wooden stilted huts.


I have always – well, for many yearimages, seeking my spiritual self – thought I may ‘like’ Bhuddism as it seems a gentle philosophy on life rather than stricter, conformist ( for me) rpeligions. so I have today researched in order to learn, process and develop my own thoughts around it. if appropriate I may offer my own thoughts to Bhudda, when I vist the many and beautiful temples and Bhudda images – young Bhudda and Old Bhudda, which I learned from a fellow traveller from Holland when I queried the statuettes differences.

Ask and you will receive (information, knowledge, understanding, awareness) is something that discussion and conversation always offer me. so here I continue to share the underlying beliefs of Bhuddism, which reflect how I choose to live my life as no doubt many others do.

Like Christianity, I believe I know – I follow living a good life without harm to others, and where possible offering help if I can but unsure I follow church beliefs on the religion itself; just because I don’t adhere to the strict regulations and sometimes restrictions of any faith, doesn’t mean to say I don’t fit in with others of that faith and folowing, or that I disregard it and certainly not disrespect it but hold my own views. Like Christianity and Bhuddism, an no doubt most others,the being personifies moral goodness and living life the best we can. we dont however need to push our beliefs and e pectations on to others for religion, culture, values or beliefs…

So here, if you are also interested, are the foundations of Bhuddism:

The foundation beliefs of Buddhism are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Timagehese were taught by the Buddha (a word which means The Enlightened One) about 2500 years ago. They are essentially the same through every sect and tradition of Buddhism. They are:

Temples in Chiang Mai
Temples in Chiang Mai

All life knows suffering. Nobody gets what they want out of life.
The cause of suffering is ignorance and clinging. Wanting it is the problem.
There is a way to end suffering. By learning not to want it.
This is the way to end suffering: The Eightfold Path.
Right Understanding Learning the nature of reality and the truth about life.
Right Aspiration Making the commitment to living in such a way that our suffering can end.
Right Effort Just Do It. No Excuses.
Right Speech Speaking the truth in a helpful and compassionate way.
Right Conduct Living a life consistent with our values.
Right Livelihood Earning a living in a way that doesn’t hurt others.
Right Mindfulness Recognizing the value of the moment; living where we are.
Right Concentration Expanding our consciousness through meditation.

Perhaps my travelling is, in fact, my own meditation and finding my own balance in a life less satisfying for me, and this is what I want, maybe need, to learn as I move through the world and new cultures.

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