Thailand on the move

Transport in Thailand appears to be mainly bike or rather scooters, as they go about 20mph and weave around cars, buses, people and each other. From whole families of child in front of dad driving, child between him and mum or even a babe in arms more than once! Children are used to travelling his way, to and from school, mum holding them and driving one handed or young people getting around even at school.

Buses are cheap and easy but not yet tried a real bus with no windows, only a mini bus at 50 baht for almost an hour trip to pretaburi.

There are trains of course with windows and doors open unless it rains hard. I like the train, so much to see.

Cars too and some smart looking ones and 4x4s. Taxis are pink in Bangkok and others private maybe, green and yellow metered, or motorised tuk tuk or bike-driven stalls or seating, and the odd rickshaw in Hua Hin.


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