Will it fit? And can I carry it?

Both rucksacksThe rucksack is a 7 litre Osprey which I chose after some research and trying it out.  Weighing just 3 lbs it is very light and roomy.    I have tried it in Scotland but only to the station, from the station and back to the station and walking home etc.

Still, I managed!

The small day pack attaches to the front with zip and straps, and is really handy!   This is included in the 70 litre capacity.

Now all I need to do is fit this lot into them both!

And then carry it – even from and to the planes, accommodation and transport.    I can heft it up on  my back though, and then leave some in the luggage and use the day pack.   Handy as I say.   And a waterproof cover in addition for if it rains – even just to the airport although I didn’t have to use it in Scotland once!

Small rucksack


Pockets and zips keep this handy and safe …and matching baggage is a must isn’t it??!


Pre packing piles

Will I manage to fit it all in or not?

Now this is what I need to pack into them both – books, IT equipment, plugs, first aid, cosmetics and suncream, brushes and clothes, shoes and towels (small travelling/bakpacking microfibre in large bath and medium hand sizes).

I’ve been told to think about what to take – then halve it at least!

The air free bags that you roll the air out of will be handy for my clothes too though so need to have a go at this with the two I bought.   I’ve seen them used so should be fine …

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