Traveling Laos

1st September 2015

Well here I am on the no-air-con bus and its warm.  Sat in the bus station, wandered the shops of crisps, drinks and clothes or bags but at last found some candy I like and can eat along the 5-7 hour trip.  

Tuk tuk ride saw young lads looking at me on a bike behind and got shy when I smiled, two buffalo in a field by the various pad fields and small, brown rivers we passed, and trucks, shops, big cars and of course bikes and macs, or brollies.

Oooh seems we do have air con as we set off, and only a few of us on here so comfy seat, not broken, window and curtain, if dirty, if needs be!! 

Still consistent, steady rain outside but ok as tuk tuk had a rain cover, at least mostly but found my back was wet when I sat down on bench; still, its cooling.

Likely pick up more people on the way.  My first local bus experience, cheaper than agency but as the German pointed put, usually that includes pick up too so similar prices.

2pm. Stopped for almost an hour at Savvanakhet, international bus station with Thailand – Mudahan and Vietnam -Hue etc. 

Just bought chicken and been ripped off again and I still can’t get the kip thousands fast enough!! Went with French bread nicely though, and bought crisps too. 

No mention of how long until I dashed to the loo, as they went on the road, and tried to get back on when he told me to. 

Nice break, though, but must be trips locally without toilets. Learned something new and helpful too today.

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