Unique Fraser Island – an island like no other

This is a unique place in the world!  I feel privileged to visit, and became interested on my travels when I met three guys who lived there and hadn’t heard of it, then various references here and there.  Bex, in the tourist industry, got us a stay quite cheaply.   We saw wild dingos, heard the stories including hers of childhood where one of the group out playing ran and was caught, almost dragged off by a group of dogs which she in part helped prevent, and caring for the younger ones!  

He was a young one, alone on the beach as we drove along in the four wheel bus we were exploring on, and although he looked up at the us, happy to see people or a car, a little lonely and perceived sad, he was sandy coloured, relatively small about 18-24 inches high he even looked sweet, but the driver was wary to open the doors to allow people to feed him, especially so close to potential tourist visitors to the beach which could encourage them and be dangerous to people in the area…

We drove and walked through ancient, dying forests over 800 years old!  We saw the cody trees, the trees hiding that forces camouflage is derived from, when soldiers exercising in WW2 realised hid their colleagues!  We drove on seeing the newer and budding trees of this vast island forest growing and expanding out from the dying trees… fascinating!

Also, we heard it is a purely sand island in the middle of the ocean!  Not washed away because it is about 600 feet deep and now the trees hold it steadily together, and though they look like thye are bedded in soil, it is just sand!

We found deserted settlements for workers, picnicked in the rest area and bathed in ice cold, fresh water from the lakes in the centre of the island that we could see from our unexpected but cherished flights from the beach over the island that we came across!  That was so cool and only about £40-50 for a one off experience in the three small planes that were landed by us on the beach!

We, and many other families, paddled, swam and simply allowed ourselves to be washed downriver in the purest waters you’ve ever seen, leading to the sea.  And also the brown tea stained waters from the tea tree plants around the beach edges!  For real, tea leaves colour the water!

I really enjoyed our chalet style lodging, shared meals on this three day island trip in a four wheel drive carried over on the ferry, even seeing a crocodile as we left the mainland.

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