Re-starting my ‘real’ life – how?

I was featured on Nomadic Matt’s
website re women travellers

Reading Nomadic Matts latest blog post on travel films to watch on flights and scenery of the movies, two phrases struck me – that I relate to.  The title one and ‘its not what you carry but what you carry inside of you’.

My year out travelling ‘the world’ is only a tiny part of said World in fact! 

Although I am encompassing four continents and 16 flights, plus the overland travel, it is a fraction, and a small one at that. 

But it’s point for me is two- maybe three-fold…

  1. To see other beautifully scenic countries, cultures and meet people from lots of places unfamiliar to me (working so far!)
  2. To re-start my life – although until now, not the words Ive used but yes, essentially that!!  Letting go of past personal issues, finding who I am at base level (although I know mostly because of my training and work as a counsellor/life coach I might find something more…)
  3. To develop a new me, new outlook and attitude, new or better business practice and improve my image both personally and physically!  To become who I can be, who I want to be.

Reading works like this for me, giving me the right words, insight and stimulation – motivation and inspiration.

Being very ‘visual’ in my communication/learning styles, I love scenery – sunsets, mountains, rivers and seas.  All of it.  And when it makes me say ‘wow’ that is the best because it stimulates me ‘feelings’ too (my other style of interaction with the world around me).   People do that to me too – stimulate feelings and thoughts. 

Travel has been with me, my dream , for many years so this – my lifetime dream – has a lot to provide me with to satisfy those criteria – so far, so good!!!

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