Paratay Sunbathing

Sat on the beach again, just ordered lunch…hopefully, fish and prawns in a sauce from the picture but you never know!  Campari and coke too, mmmm.

Came this morning about 9.30 after the lie in I hoped for. or at least the relaxing morning.  I thought I’d missed breakfast but on my way put the lovely host invited me for breakfast, saying it wasn’t ended when I said that.  So got my coffee treat, cake and fruit with ham- yummy.

Just got settled in the sun, and felt an animal snuffling my hair, opened my eyes to see a little puppy jumping all over me!! Startled I sat up but just laughed when it realised and its owner called it away, laughing too.  Later it was passing again and I called it over for a cuddle – so cute!!

Eventually, went for a dip, and was lovely and cool.  The waters are quite warm round here!  Then realised I didn’t have sin screen to re-apply so sat in the shade a while, then went back to get it.  And here I am, waiting for lunch, a little cloudy and breezy, with the rainclouds threatening from behind, but the preparations for the Festivio de ….Sabtos espirito …, which again my hotel host pointed out to before I left today.

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