And business inspiration and insights…

Always, at least since starting my coaching business, looking and listening for how different people achieve their dreams! 

I know the marketing stuff, I hear the options and ideas, I can share with clients what I learn and experience, but having this travelling experience through different cultures I am constantly meeting inspiring and interesting people from all walks of life.  

I heard that travelling makes you more open and appreciative of your own life, and it has.  Compared to some in Asia and in Aus but also inspiring because of their resilience – against natural problems like bushfires, lack of water half the year and clearing bush from farmland or travelling home over km of dusty roads, or against political issues like Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos and Thailand with their various regimes imposing horrific and deprived lifestyles for many!!!

Travelling is so much more than this too, with awe inspiring natural scenery and animals, plants and events!!! It is truly a fantastic opportunity to grow and learn so much more than expected!!!! 

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