Sharing the memories

Sharing memories of my travel dream is great fun for me and helpful for others, I hope.

I want to inspire you to live your dreams to travel to countries far and wide, and locally, too!  I know you can do it if you want it enough!  It’s simply the Law of Attraction – NLP and the power of your mind.  Vision it, feel it, hear and see who and what you want to be, and your mind believes it!  Therefore, your mind influences your behaviours accordingly, and looks for opportunities because it’s alert and looking out for them, helping you to live your life successfully and happily  – including achieving your goals (simply dreams with a timescale!)

On Friday 16th June 2017 I did a short presentation using my dream as the content for “It’s never too late …”  – to try, to do, to be, and age is no barrier.

I can always say that now I have lived my own long term life goal – to travel, see the world, new cultures, amazing scenery and things I’ve only read about or seen in pictures – that I want others to live their dreams.  It was a life long dream – until it came true! Then is has to be replaced with another.

What did I get from it?

  • Satisfaction of things I only saw on TV or magazines;
  • Fulfilment in living my dream and meeting people I couldn’t even dream of!
  • Doing things I hadn’t expected because the opportunity fell before me there and then*
  • Humbling experiences that make me appreciate my life and options, and motivate me on
  • Memories that make it all worthwhile, that are mine alone to share or to hold!

Being ready for the unexpected*

  • Like flying off a beach in a light plane over Fraser Island, Australia
  • The bare back elephant ride with Eddie’s Elephants in Chiang Mai,
  • Wandering the roads looking at the distant Franz Josef glacier I’d seen the day before, meeting up on a bridge with a natural engineer checking on the impact on the town and landscape who showed me a different perspective on the river I shared with others, and shared a helpful titbit of info with him!
  • A week long New Zealand sea trip on a cruiser with a friend of my sister I’d met thirty years earlier in Australia!

I know that dreams don’t always come true; I know that in most hearts and heads people have this wild hopes and dreams that, really, they don’t believe can happen for them!

I wasn’t one of those, I must say, because somewhere, deep in myself, I KNEW one day I would go, just not when or how I could make it happen.   Then one day, the stars aligned and it did come!  I knew when that moment came that I had just once chance to make the choice, the decision and it would never come again …

I would have just that one moment in time to decide – to jump at that opportunity then, or forever let it go…

And again, I know that it may not have been true – but for me, and perhaps many others, once you’ve let the chance pass you by, you never look to pick it up again so it will never come your way again!

In my heart and soul, I knew this – so I had ‘a moment’ to decide and I jumped.  I’m so pleased I did.  I still have thoughts of was it a good idea to spend so much at once, on something frivolous (to some) – but for me, it was a necessity!  It wasn’t something I could ignore, particularly at that point in my life and the underlying reasons I had the chance at all (a life change, move instead of stagnant, frustrated and getting nowhere fast in the business or my social life, and the girls didn’t need me any more …)

For this later talk (one in May 217 for a community group for 2 hours), I had to keep it brief and make it relevant to coaching and goals too, so I thought about and included things I ‘brought back with me’.

My talks in 2018 are for networking groups and hopefully, for motivation meetings too… my next dream.

“Live a life with no regret” Deri Llewellyn Davies



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