I’m featured on Nomadic Matt!

I am excited to be featured in a well-known travel blog site as one of 6 ‘non-millennial female travellers’ by Kirstin, on Nomadic Matt’s blog.    He was my hero in planning for my trip, during the travels and I continue to follow him now as my travel days are not over.

This may not my best look but hey, I lived!  Literally I lived my dream, make up or no, a little over-weight and still managed it.  I came back slimmer and fitter, and remain fitter but added a little more weight again! 

I know that I can do what I want/need to, and be myself, my dreams and hopes and wishes!  

I actually didn’t know about this until I got a letter from a Chinese woman asking me about my trip and referring to the post that she had read – asking, to help her decide when to travel and how much to spend, after being inspired by this post.   She may well have asked the others too, but at least she is asking, thinking, researching and more!  I love it!

The photo is from Vientiane in Laos, a place I had never even heard of before setting out on my travels.  I had heard some monks speak English around that time, that area, so off I set to explore and see and found these trainee monks in Wat Ong Teu.

I am still in touch with a couple of them on Facebook now!  We share comments, chat in Messenger at times and share the events of our lives as we go.


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