Cold Asia! What a con!

What is Asia’s obsession with air con??? Yes, Westerners might struggle with the heat and humidity but at night, sleeping or on trains not moving much, it gets freezing!!! I have experienced this daily now for months!!  I, like many others in dorms, struggled with icy cold air con, either one setting or changed by the various people in the dorm, coming and going.  But it does stop us sleeping, or seeing the views, making conversation or other activities as survival mode kicks in to get warmish!!!


On the train to Singapore from KL it was like this for the first hour!  Everyone huddled in sarongs like me, towels like the woman across, sweatshirts and hoods just to be a little warm.  We started complaining to staff, moving to the canteen or standing in the doorways to warm up!! Eventually someone did turn it down, as he just had when I followed him out of the carriage!  I’m still sat in the canteen so unsure yet if its better or not but for seven hours it’s ridiculous they think we want this, or need it – even locals.

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