Leaving Oz behind!

Well, ending my Aussie leg of my travels I am currently flying out of Adelaide leaving behind family and friends once again. Tears saying bye to sister Sue with whom Ive stayed most of my 6 weeks in Adelaide, instead of trying Perth and Broome as Ive never been, and great niece and great nephews Ive never met before. My other sister, BIL and niece and nephew I said goodbye to as well before they were away on their own break to Edithburgh.


I didn’t get to do any diving in Adelaide, which is where I learned to dive 34 years ago! It just didn’t happen and maybe, like old acquaintances, I didn’t make enough effort to see, choosing to live day to day life around Adelaide and not doing enough with my time? Or did I need the break from travelling constantly perhaps too (but that feels like cheating on my year out).

I made Kangaroo Island (KI) but thats all; didn’t do the ocean road trip as the dates didn’t meet my timings for Sydney to NZ, arriving via Melbourne where Ive already been. Not Broken Hill as its not really much there (although my Sydney flight mag says filming was done for Mad Max) and even though on the way there is little transport infrastructure between Adelaide and Sydney, except via Melbourne which is less direct for me!


I managed Crocodile Dundee film setting Kakadu out of Darwin but didn’t realise it at the time (Ubirr rocks, but not the hotel).

I did see the previously unvisited Sunshine coast and Fraser Island, and catch up with a cousin there too, but missed another cousin at Surfers Paradise. Australia is much bigger than many realise, including me!!!

And I did see The Tour Down Under cycle race that Adelaide hosts, and enjoyed it more than I expected!! And the bbqs, the beaches, the diving and snorkelling…and so much more, the culture I didn’t think they had!!


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