Quintessential Asia

So what makes Asia? At least for me its these things…

Temples in red, green and gold; water buffalo in gardens or working in tice fields, rice at all stsges of growth and harvesting; cows woth long ears and hump backs; brown rivers flowing steadily to rhe sea; small boats with motors, hoods or oars and wooden houses in rural villages – communities living, working, sharing time and space every day.


An offered photo opportunity, then fruit buying ‘encouraged’ and overcharged!

Sitting on the street eating with neighbours, music because you can,smiles and opportunities, creativity and resourcefulness abound.

White ibis in the rice fields and ducks on the various waters and pelicans or herons too, with eagles at Ha Long Bay.

Conical straw hats, matching pyjama suits and basket carriers, selling all sortd of things.


Flowers we dont have in UK like this fruit, lotus floers and lily ponds abound

Pink, white and lilac lotus blossoms on lily ponds; animals and people live side by side, literally! Chickens, ducks, cows, dogs, pigs, cats, tourists and locals; walking and carrying, riding bicycles or scooters, taxi or tuk tuk, rickshaw or buses – the ebb and flow of life in Asia never ends!!

And I love it!!Stunning views, religious artefacts and working the fields, farms, shops, carts or hotels there is so much to se, explore and stand in awe of in this beautiful Asia I’m still discovering…


Misty mountains discovered as I travel by bus, sea views of fishing boats and local people millimg around

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