Ubon Isaan life

Had a lovely chilled day today at Kammah’s sister’s home – a real Isaan village home and food but chicken for us ‘farang’ (foreigner).

I watched as her BIL cooked fresh fish over charcoal fire pots, herbs and pastes prepared with mortar and pestle, and then boiled or bbq on other small charcoal pots sitting on seats or slabs near the pots. They made noodle dishes, salted fish, vegetables and we took fruit and drinks too.

It was delicious, and varied, and I used sticky rice to eat the spicy dishes that they were impressed I liked and could eat!!! They liked that we chatted, joined in when we could and joked with them with translations and body language.

Not all ‘farang’ speak to the Isaan locals, but I wonder if thats because they are shy and uncertain if they cant speak Thai, so they thought Ray and I ‘nice’ when in fact they shared their home, lifestyle and company with us!!

We saw the catfish they grow, frogs, and rive fields, the herbs and spices and fruit in their small holding.

They were friendly, interested and happy to show us how they live, including neighbours popping in to join us. A real and lovely experience for me…

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