It’s happening now!

Well, it’s all happening suddenly now!  I am moving out of my house of 18 years, and preparing to travel late July/early August 2015!  So exciting!!!!

I moved my stuff into store today and visited my first ever Airbnb accommodation locally, as I am staying for an important family birthday at the end of July, and need to sort out tickets, travel, luggage and visas etc. so it gives me time to adjust.

Challenge yourself Stuart Miles  Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via

It has been a very long, difficult process with the house sale taking months rather than weeks, the uncertainty the worst for me!  I like to see options and a plan and I just didn’t feel in control of my situation so it was stressful!  But now, it’s all working smoothly with a good project plan, steps in a timely manner and researched service providers and costs, which have ended up really cost effective!

The last push tomorrow then I’m homeless for a while! 🙂 But that is the fun of it isn’t it? The new room and bed, the unplanned days, freedom to choose, visits to UK places I’ve never been and the challenge of finding a place to stay, see and do!

What fun ahead!

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