Travel Inspiration

Telling people about my travel plans has meant a lot of explaining, some detail – “Where are you going to?”  “When are you going?”  “What made you want to do this?” sort of questions.

TIme for reflection Stuart MilesImage courtesy of Sgtuart Miles via

For some this is just a dream and may never be a reality for them – so many said they wished they could but are scared, can’t because of this and that, etc.  and I understand.

However, one or two people have been inspired to do it too which is great.   One business colleague was asking me all about it, found we were similar environments to each other (single parents, feeling something missing, children growing up and away) – and as I talked, and she listened and asked questions, I realised she too was ‘visioning’ it all in her mind’s eye!   She, again like me, must be a picture person, and perhaps a feeling person because she felt the excitement growing, she felt the impetus to start working towards this dream she too had.    I could tell and we really resonated on this.  She went off there and then telling people she was going to start saving up to travel and start to plan her travel as her children were moving on too.

Telling my story got people to see/hear/feel their dreams, wonder what it would be like and get that inner excitement of could I? Or not? That’s a sinking feeling…

But it doesn’t just happen, it takes time, commitment, visioning and checking if it really is a possibility.   It has taken me years to get here.  Years of yearning, hoping and keeping my eyes open to travel, countries, cultures etc.and watching clients plan their travel that really inspired me to want to see those places too!

Calendar 18 monthsBecause of this ‘preparation’ I was ready when the opportunity came, and willing to give it a try.  I then set about real plans, taking actual steps forward toward that goal, and building up my own resources, resilience, developing what I needed – and didn’t need – in order to make it real!

Those around me – family and friends, too – have had to re-adjust, develop their plans and ideas where it might impact on them.  It has influences in lots of areas which need managing to, and this is part of coaching.  It isn’t just setting a goal and going for it – it’s about building resources you need but haven’t got (yet), about taking steps, stepping back, tacking sails to the prevailing winds and maintaining resilience to keep going.  Holding on to the drive and at times, finding it again!

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