Some great links to share

Here I thought I’d share some links that I have found from other’s sharing on the internet too, from researching bits and pieces for my travel plans and just getting a feel for what’s involved and the options there are.Personal power

My first and favourite one, my gospel in fact, has been Nomadic Matt’s Facebook and blog.  He set off as a young(er) man to see the world and is still traveling 8 years on!  What can I say?  Inspiring, making a living from it, helping other enjoy the world and tips and links that really are invaluable.  He even arranges meet ups in places for people to get together and meet him too!  Great idea!  Let’s hope! Thank you Matt!

Another is a cutely named  The Man in Seat 61.  This is the one I found whilst looking at my planned Trans Siberian Express trip and train travel in general.   Interesting as well as informative, I just like the idea of the seat number and will be on the look out for that seat and see who’s sitting there!  Just for fun! 🙂

Idea go sunset travel

Bootsnall is a relatively new find, and you can plan and cost your RTW trip online there and then!   Nice idea, helpful and convenient.  Will I do it like that though?  I don’t know. I stilL like to be careful and considered, and a little conservative with a high st travel agent I guess.  But I will let you know!  The personal emails from Adam and friendly, helpful and fun too.  Another aptly named site and a little different too.

I will let you know of others, and some of those following me who also like to learn, share and inspire or encourage each other!   Which is great …thanks to these people too!

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