Travelling Siem Reap

This, for me, is what travelling is about – meeting people, making connections, making new fiends and contacts and learning about other cultures. And here I certainly have!!

Some people make an impression for different reasons, some you bond with, have a deeper connection with, others just in passing but all have an impact on you and your travel experience!!


I met Rebecca first in Don Det then caught up for templing in Siem Reap

Arriving late afternoon on Thursday, I fund the hotel from the boat trip and port tuk tuk trip, and found the pool clean and inviting, gardens lovely and people in the bar area which means there’s chance to meet others. Great so far!!

A young blond guy at the bar caught my eye and nodded and of course I respond with nod and smile back. It begins – connection.

Later when I’d settled in, changed for a swim and found a table for myself, I dipped into the warm water for a cool dip!! Oh yes!! Perfect.

image    image

Parick eating snake with me, Maddie and Daniel in Hue

Then I spoke to the guy, reading at a table nearby and our conversation developed. Chit chat about travel plans then experiences, more personal details like names and dreams, then deeper into ho you are and what makes you tick! I love the sharng, the honesty and openness of the new relationships, the trust and real interest we have in each other. Patrick later showed me around the town, we ate street noodles which were cheap and delicious, we laughed, talked, walked and even tried snake together!!

He would later venture into crickets and a huge cockroach that I choose not to!! 😯 but still impressed with hime and Monica trying them.?

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